Girl AND Boy Scout Troops at the Baha’i Center!

In 2019, Boy Scouts of America becomes Scouting BSA, reflecting the inclusion of Girl Troops. Girls have been involved in Cub Scouting for several years. Enrollment of Girl Scout Troops begins January 1, and area schools will be visited to recruit scouts for both girl and boy troops.

Troop 531 is for girls. It follows the same age limits of 11 to 18, though it is best if girls and boys would join between 11 and 14 so that the various ranks can be reached by the age of 18. Girl troops is new to Scouting BSA. The new troop provides incoming parents to be actively involved in defining the troops activities, deciding when to work with Troop 53, the boy’s troop, serving as committee members, and appointing or recruiting a Scoutmaster.

The merit badge process, scout camps, high venture, and the other iconic Scouting BSA programs are the same for the boys and the girls.

The following note is from the Troop 53 Scoutmaster, Jorge Sanchez:

“Boy’s Troop 53 is a new troop formed by parents who want an enriching and challenging experience for their children. We aim to make that experience a dynamic one by offering indoor and outdoor activities that are physically and mentally stimulating. The troop is sponsored by the Baha’is of Round Rock.

The primary goals of scouting are citizenship, character development, and mental and physical fitness. We work towards these goals with the Troop yell: “Good!, a personal motto borrowed from former Navy Seal Commander Jocko Willink. The idea is that whatever life throws at you, meet it head on. If you fall, Good! Get back up and keep going. If you fail, Good! You learned what not to do Keep trying. If you make a mistake, Good! Own it and move forward.

Through the values of community and faith we hope to instill a level of self-respect and self-reliance that will develop Troop members into healthy, responsible adults. Just as the Round Rock Baha’i Center has opened its doors to us, we welcome any who wish to join us on this journey.”

Scouting is an interfaith activity. Joining a troop sponsored by any church, synagogue, or other faith does not require membership in that church or Faith.

For more information, contact Jorge Sanchez, Scoutmaster, at or fill out the request for information form found on the Contact Us page.